A polio survivor - Helge Reistad

Helge was born in Norway, 1942. The second world war was raging in Europe and he had like many other children at that time - Polio. After many broken limbs the doctors at the time decided to fixate his left arm with a screw to scapula and his left leg had the supporting function of a crouch.

Despite a tough start, Helge has been a very successful man professionally. He studied first as a photographer and teacher (1964), then followed drama studies at The Rose Bruford Training College, Central School of Speech and Drama and Royal Academy of Music, London. He is theatre director and drama/mime teacher. Helge Reistad helped organize drama in education in the 1960's, directed one of Norway's leading theatre companies ("Musidra") in the 1970's and introduced drama in the curriculum at the University Colleges. He has organized and directed research projects in theatre for small children. He has written and/or edited more than 10 books about theatre, dance and drama in education. He was Associate Professor in drama at Oslo University College until 2004, and is now a freelance writer.

A life on medication, due to his condition and lots of work made him finally hit the ”wall” as he became 60 years old. Doctors said they couldn’t help him and subscribed more medication. The end felt near for Helge but when you think it is over, new hope arise: He was not done yet.

Life took a different turn in 2006 when he met, the manual therapist called M in the book, who started the change no-one thought was possible.

Major steps in the process where - balance structure with manual hands-on methods, re-educate the brain get rid of medication and everything in the diet that limits human development.

Helge is today 73 years old. He walks on two legs healthier than many of his friends of the same age-group. He is progressing every day, thanks to good rituals and a new life-pattern he learned from M. Helge Reistad describes this in chapter four in his book from 2012 "Se meg - en personlig essay" (Teater.as, 2012)

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